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Mjus 140210 Product Review

Hey guys this is the MJUS 140210. This is a great, little, camel boot for the fall. There’s a Western feel, a little bit of Western influence. It’s got a nice, big, wood stacked heel here.
It’s two inches, which is real substantial and sturdy and comfortable. Rubber bottom on the all MJUS, which is nice. It’s got a nice tread on there, but it’s real thin still. It still gives you comfort and durability. It’s got some nice strap details here. This camel color on the pebble grain leather is gorgeous. It’s really supple, but really tough and rough. I like the inside zip. It makes it easy to get on and off. Lots of little booties are really hot in fashion right now, and this is great with leggings, tights, and all other kinds of things that are happening in fashion right now. I’d like to see some wool tights and leggings with them. It’s just yummy and fun. You’re going to love your MJUS boots because we guarantee all our boots for compliments. Enjoy.

Mjus 185208 Product Review

Hey guys this is the MJUS 185208. Amazing, killer, rough and tough little biker booty. This is not as serious as a tall biker boot. It’s a biker booty, so you’re still a little approachable. Maybe you have a tattoo, but not a ton of them. No prison tats or anything like that. You’re a feminine woman in the city wearing your cool biker boots. They’re all handmade. They’re all put together. Italian designers. Italian leathers. Italian everything, but they’re sewn in Bosnia to keep the price down and it really makes them approachable. Really smart company. Awesome leathers. Really great design. It’s got an all rubber bottom here with nice treads on the bottom. They look like car treads. Great little toe. It’s not too bulbous and round. It’s still a little bit of a feminine toe here. It’s not too crazy. I love the studded details and the classic engineer buckle. This is adjustable. You never really need to touch that or the buttons or the snaps or anything. You just zip them on, and you’re ready to rock and roll or get on your motorcycle and ride. So enjoy your new MJUS boots. We guarantee you’ll get compliments on them. As with everything at City Soles and at citysoles.com, we guarantee everything for compliments. So people will say “Cool freakin’ boots you got on there.” Enjoy.

Mjus 185305 Product Review

This is the MJUS 185305. Amazing, classic riding boot done with a little tougher style. It’s a real approachable, utilitarian boot here. All gorgeous, Italian leathers. Real supple and soft. This is actually treecko lined, which is warm in the winter time. It’s got a little fuzz appeal to it. Nice, little, round, approachable toe here. It’s not too crazy, but just something you’re to wear with everything all day long. This is a great everyday boot. This is a burgundy brown, which is really luscious. And we have the classic black in this boot, too. It’s got a rubber bottom. It’s kind of like a tire tread bottom. It’s really comfortable and flexible and durable. It’s got some traction so you won’t fall on your bujumba, whatever that is. I love it. It’s really a nice, lean look. You can get it on and off real easy with this zipper on the inside zip, so you can get your calf and ankle down in there. Like I said, we have the burgundy and the black. It’s got nice detail here with this sexy little tassel on the side. I think they’re very fun. You’re going to love your new MJUS boots. You’re going to wear them everyday this winter, and you’re going to feel warm and fuzzy on the inside and you’re going to feel great. Enjoy. Thanks.