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Estelle’s Local Interview

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Hey guys, welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host Scott Starbuck, and we are just two doors down from City Soles, right here at an iconic bar in the neighborhood, Estelle’s. Let’s go inside, meet the owners, and check out what they’re all about.

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Bucktown Athletic Club | Local Business Interview

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Hey guys welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host Scott Starbuck and we’re out in the neighborhood at the only hand-made pasta Italian restaurant here in Bucktown, Ripasso. Let’s go inside, meet the owners, and hear their amazing story of how they keep their fresh pasta and yummy food. I love this place!

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Piece Local Interview

Hey guys, welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host Scott Starbuck, and we’re out and about in the neighborhood checkin’ out local haunts. We’re at one of my favorite pizza places, Piece! Piece was voted the Independent Pizza Restaurant of the Year in 2011 in the country. It’s pretty amazing, let’s go check it out! They’re a brew pub and a pizzeria. Let’s go check it out!

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Plomo Designer Interview at MAGIC

Hey guys welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host Scott Starbuck, and we’re here in Las Vegas at the Plomo booth with the whole Plomo crew! The founders, the designers, the owners, everything!

Scott: Can you ladies tell me about the line for 2012?

Plomo: The line, as you can see, has a lot of fringe! The fringe is very popular in this collection. We’re doing a short version, a long version, and a wedge.

S: So the line has evolved a lot since I first saw it. You guys are really coming in to a lot more patterns. Wedges, oxfords, etc. What other inspirations do you have for f/w 2012?

P: Well, this collection was inspired during the time I was planning my wedding. I was inspired by all of these beautiful colors on the walls and the whole Mayan culture with a colonized architecture. This is a little bit that came out of that experience.

S: Good job. It looks great. So, show me one of your other favorite shoes for this season.

P: Um, everything! We love the pony hair and wedge on this ankle boot, it’s very comfortable. We did a lot of men-inspired oxford shoes and booties. This has been really popular and very colorful. It’s an eye-catcher, definitely. We can’t wait to get these on our feet!

S: It’s amazing. All of these shoes you ladies picked as favorites are all of the styles I bought for my store.

P: Scott always listens to our opinions!

S: They have good taste! Thank you very much ladies and nice to see you!

Oetzi 3300 Designer Interview at MAGIC

Welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host Scott Starbuck and I’m here at Project with MAGIC in Las Vegas. I’m here with Ludo the owner, founder, and designer of Oetzi 3300.

Scott: Ludo, tell me about your brand. We’ve carried the line for a couple of years now at City Soles.

Ludo: Oetzi is a cork-footbed footwear brand. We have two types of footbeds: a cork light and a cork fit, both with different properties. One is lighter than the other, but essentially, the concept is that we are cork footbeds which are anti-microbial, really comfortable, and made for all-day comfort. We’ve actually given out a bunch of shoes to a bunch of people at the trade show. They’ve left their shoes behind and walked away with some Oetzis. We’ve got two fantastic things coming for fall. One is a vibram Troop boot that you guys did really well with. We’ve managed to do a fantastic collaboration with those guys to get the rights to use vibram. This is our Troop Tentacle. It’s all about the vibram outsole tread. Just a more rugged version of what we started the last couple of seasons.

S: Definitely beefier and still has the comfort involved.

L: All of the comfort is in there. Same story. Just a stronger outsole which is ideal for colder weather and some snow. Hopefully you guys will get some snow one day!

S: So Ludo, how long have you been inception?

L: We started the brand two and a half years ago. The brand started primarily because I received an article in the mail from a friend of mine about this foot scientist from Yugoslavia. He was given the rights or the ability to go and study Oetzi. Oetzi is the eldest homosapien ever found. He was found frozen in a glacier. Because he was in a glacier, his gear, clothing, arrows were all there. His shoes were found pretty much intact.

S: You sent me some pretty shocking photos of this. They’re amazing.

L: He’s mummified. Let’s just put it that way. Skin and bones and nothing much else there. But this guy Victor was able to study his shoes and really create a whole article about how they were made. They were the first shoes ever found where he was able to study the craftsmanship and how they were built.

S: Thus, born Oetzi 3300.

L: Hence the brand. We pretty much mimicked what he did. We stitched the uppers directly to the soles and used very little glue on the shoes. If you take out the footbed from the shoe, you will see the stitching of the soles directly on the shoes. Oetzi is 3300 BC.

S: Ludo, thank you very much!

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J. Litvack Designer Interview at MAGIC

Hi and welcome back to City Soles TV. I’m your host Scott Starbuck. I’m here at Footwear News Platform at MAGIC with J. Litvack of J. Litvack shoes. He’s the founder, owner, and guru of the company.

Scott: J, we’ve known each other for a long time. We’ve had the line for f/w 2011 s/s 2012 as well. And now we’re looking at f/w 2012. Show us what really inspires you about your line this year.

J: Firstly, I really feel that the woman today is cleaning up. She wants to be a little bit more sophisticated, and as prices go up, she wants to make sure that she’s getting quality. I think that quality and fashion need to coexist. If they can’t coexist, I think we’re all in trouble. If the store is going to put an emphasis on quality, fashion is very very important. What I did this year compared to prior years is that I made things a little bit more feminine when it comes to sport shoes. The man-tailored look is still important but it’s more cleaned up. It’s about the leathers, the last, not so much embellishment, and comfort is important too.

Firstly, we start with this group up here which is basically out of Italy. But, again, if look and touch the leathers, softness is very important. The construction, the sleekness, and touches of trends. For example, the double buckles here, fringe here, but still clean, easy pull-ons. This is one group that is very important.

S: These are on our detail orders for 2012. I love the construction. The soles are amazing. They’re cleaned up and not as junky as boots used to be.

J: Because it’s a rubber outsole and not leather, it gives comfort to it and makes it softer looking. If this was just a double leather sole, it would have a hard feeling. But really, you don’t even know it’s rubber until you put it in your hand. That’s the beauty about it.

S: The visual is great. Those look like a hand-made leather sole. So what else is hot?

J: Over here are these little guys. Last year, they were much more extreme. When she’s putting on a flat boot, she still wants to feel feminine. She doesn’t want to feel clunky. What I did was take soft leathers, make the last a bit more narrow but not round nor pointy, not a super thick sole. One of the big trends this coming season is the bootie with the zipper but with this kind of a look. She slips right in and if she wants to wear it up, she can, or she can wear it down. The zipper is only an accessory. It has nothing to do with the fit or the comfort of the shoe. This is a beautiful boot and the new color this season is this beautiful taupe color.

S: The taupes are really popular.

J: Because things are becoming more feminine, this is a great color option.

S: Great. I love them! I love the whole line.

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MJUS Designer Interview at MAGIC

Hey guys welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host Scott Starbuck. We’re here at FN Platform at MAGIC at Gary Cancellini’s booth, an Italian line called MJUS. Gary is the North American agent for the line.

Scott: Tell us about your fall line!

Gary: Again, we are very into boots. We always make a lot of boots with buttery leathers. We’ve just started to come to the United States in the last year and a half. Our business is going nicely so that means retailers are selling the product, and it looks like we will have a good future in America.

S: The nice thing about MJUS is that they are very approachable. They’re mostly under $300.

G: A lot of them are under $300. We retail anywhere from about $200-$350. Most of them are in the price category of $250-$300.

S: That’s great, approachable retail price point with anything out of Europe nowadays.

G: The Euro is getting a little better but not enough!

S: So a very rustic feeling to the line with worn, distressed leathers. Wedges, platforms all with rubber bottoms so they’re more comfortable. MJUS has been a great line for us. We had them for f/w 2011 for the first season. Now we have s/s 2012 coming in momentarily. Gary, thank you very much. We’re excited to get the line again! Check out MJUS online at www.CitySoles.com and at City Soles boutique in Chicago.

FN Platform Interview at MAGIC

Hey guys welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host Scott Starbuck. We’re here at FN Platform which is part of MAGIC in Las Vegas. I’m here with Ariel who is the Marketing Coordinator for MAGIC.

Scott: So, Ariel, what do you do here at MAGIC?

Ariel: Well, I’m the Marketing Coordinator specifically for FN Platform and sourcing. It takes a lot of work to lead up to the show. As soon as we are done with this one, we start planning for the August show. There’s a lot of printing materials, marketing materials, directories, signage, social media, mobile apps. If you’re looking for a specific booth, you can find the number on your phone and it will show you exactly where to go. You can learn all about our events and seminars on the mobile app. We’re trying to make it as easy as possible, as accessible as possible.

S: Cool. Like you said, you have a whole social media aspect so you can get on, follow MAGIC, follow buyers and companies, find out where the events and parties are.

A: It’s a really great way to get people excited about the show. Everyone is so involved with social media now: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. People can find out a lot of things about the show prior to the show through those websites and Facebook. We update our Facebook constantly. We work with a social media group called Social Radius. We have bloggers come in and blog live from the show. It’s been awesome.

S: I’m sure because it’s MAGIC you guys have a few followers.

A: There’s a ton! We have a huge network.

S: Well, Ariel it’s a great show. I learn a lot while I’m here and write a lot of orders.

A: Well, as long as you have fun while you’re doing it, that’s the best!

Thank you.

Art + Neosens Designer Interview at MAGIC

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Hey guys welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host Scott Starbuck and we’re here at Footwear News Platform in Las Vegas checking out a lot of lines. I’m here with Hirsch from Art and Neosens.

Scott: You’re the North American sales manager. Tell us about your line for 2012. What’s inspiring? What do you like about it?

Hirsch: We’re continuing on the same theme with shoes inspired by different cities and types of architecture, buildings, and sculptures. At Neosens, we have some really wicked leathers that Chicagoites are really going to love and find comfortable.

S: So, show us an example of the architectural influence.

H: This is a really cool heel that we’re doing really well with. Totally recycled rubber outsole with the Art monogram on the bottom. Sweater boot which Scott’s store is famous for! We keep doing it with new heels and a new leather. It’s extremely comfortable with a new very soft leather in this wicked red color. Can’t go wrong.

S: Cool. I love that one. What else did we get?

H: This is kind of a take on the back-in-the-day laced up Doc Martens done in a way more modern way. An inside zipper so you’re not lacing this whole bad boy up. This is a really great new leather. It’s our gaucho leather, so it’s excellent with a wooden heel and a key to the city of Chicago of course.

S: All of your shoes have rubber shoes. They’re all fashionable but built for comfort too so they feel good all day long.

H: The rubber sole is comfortable, durable, and natural, so it’s biodegradable at the end of the day. It’s a beautiful situation. This is our new Neosens equestrian boot. This is a really traditional style used to play polo etc. This is a really cool take on it. This is a great new style which will hit the stores next fall.

S: We buy all of your lines: Art, Neosens, and the men’s collections.

H: That’s right. This is a great new shoe with a leather sole and a rubber outsole. Awesome new leather.

S: Hirsch, I love the line. I’m excited for the new fall stuff. We’ve got spring and summer products coming in soon. This is just a review from the show to show you what’s happening and new from Art and Neosens. Thanks!