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J. Litvack Designer Interview at MAGIC

Hi and welcome back to City Soles TV. I’m your host Scott Starbuck. I’m here at Footwear News Platform at MAGIC with J. Litvack of J. Litvack shoes. He’s the founder, owner, and guru of the company.

Scott: J, we’ve known each other for a long time. We’ve had the line for f/w 2011 s/s 2012 as well. And now we’re looking at f/w 2012. Show us what really inspires you about your line this year.

J: Firstly, I really feel that the woman today is cleaning up. She wants to be a little bit more sophisticated, and as prices go up, she wants to make sure that she’s getting quality. I think that quality and fashion need to coexist. If they can’t coexist, I think we’re all in trouble. If the store is going to put an emphasis on quality, fashion is very very important. What I did this year compared to prior years is that I made things a little bit more feminine when it comes to sport shoes. The man-tailored look is still important but it’s more cleaned up. It’s about the leathers, the last, not so much embellishment, and comfort is important too.

Firstly, we start with this group up here which is basically out of Italy. But, again, if look and touch the leathers, softness is very important. The construction, the sleekness, and touches of trends. For example, the double buckles here, fringe here, but still clean, easy pull-ons. This is one group that is very important.

S: These are on our detail orders for 2012. I love the construction. The soles are amazing. They’re cleaned up and not as junky as boots used to be.

J: Because it’s a rubber outsole and not leather, it gives comfort to it and makes it softer looking. If this was just a double leather sole, it would have a hard feeling. But really, you don’t even know it’s rubber until you put it in your hand. That’s the beauty about it.

S: The visual is great. Those look like a hand-made leather sole. So what else is hot?

J: Over here are these little guys. Last year, they were much more extreme. When she’s putting on a flat boot, she still wants to feel feminine. She doesn’t want to feel clunky. What I did was take soft leathers, make the last a bit more narrow but not round nor pointy, not a super thick sole. One of the big trends this coming season is the bootie with the zipper but with this kind of a look. She slips right in and if she wants to wear it up, she can, or she can wear it down. The zipper is only an accessory. It has nothing to do with the fit or the comfort of the shoe. This is a beautiful boot and the new color this season is this beautiful taupe color.

S: The taupes are really popular.

J: Because things are becoming more feminine, this is a great color option.

S: Great. I love them! I love the whole line.

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