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City Soles : Footwear Product Review : Cushe Allpine Fern

Hey guys, this is Cushe Allpine Fern. This is an awesome boot for the Fall and Winter. This is a waterproof boot as a suede new buck. I love the elastic to keep it tight around your ankle, or loosen it up if have bigger calves. They have laces that you never have to deal with. You can tie them up or leave them tucked in. You get them on and off with this easy side zipper. They all have amazing traction on the bottom of them. Somehow they’ve done it in a lean way so it is not clunky. It is still feminine. These are Aztec/Eskimo inspired. This is a great boot for the winter. It looks great with leggings and tights.They are great for the winter and snow by being impermeable. Remember we always guarantee our shoes for complements. Wear these and you will. Enjoy your Cushe Allpine Fern. The come in the great camel color and cognac. Thanks!

City Soles : Footwear Product Review : Cushe Allpine Fresh

This is the ladies Cushe Allpine Fresh. Allpine Fresh is a great winter boot for fall and winter in Chicago or wherever there is harsh weather. This is a black new buck that is waterproof. It has a nice microfiber upper with a little tie in the back that is actually functional. You can control the width of the boot. You can slide this on and off really easily. It has cool Aztec inspired details. It has a great bottom with great traction. It has great flexibility with a microfiber sock lining. These are comfortable right as they are. You don’t have to break them in. Get some wool socks on and go. This is a great boot that I think is still fashion. You can slip this on and wear out to sushi with friends. It is not some mukluk that you are building snowmen in. They are fun and cool. We always guarantee them for complements. Where them out and if you don’t get compliments, you can bring them on. Enjoy. Thanks.