Spring-Summer 2014 Fashion | Fashion Style Guidance
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Hey guys welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host, Scott Starbuck. We’re talking about spring and summer fashion. What’s hot? What’s trending out there in spring and summer world of 2014. Let’s bring Rachel out here. One of my favorite things that are out there are tons of black and whites, tons of neutrals. Black and white is easy for anyone to wear. People complain that they can’t wear color: “I wear a ton of black.” “I wear a ton of white.” They look great together. It’s easy. You don’t have to be all matchy, matchy. But we just happen to have all black and white stuff on here.

One of my favorite things out in there in the market place? There are a ton of high heel wedge sneakers. They’re still feminine, fun. They’re sexy, but they’re not just an everyday sneaker. They’re comfortable and they’re cool, but they give you a little heel. There’s a built in wedge on the inside of these, probably a two and a half or three inch that’s inside there. They’ve got the comfort of a sneaker with the femininity of a wedge and a heel to tighten up your legs a bit and get you out there. Let’s look at some more black and whites that are trending and are hot. Thanks, Rachel.

All right, we’ve got black and white, spring and summer stuff. Let’s look at another great shoe by one of our famous designers, Chie Mihara. Let’s bring Rachel out here. We’ve got an easy black and white look here to mix it up. You don’t have to have black and white on the top to match black and white shoes. You can wear black and white shoes with a red dress. You can wear black and white shoes with blue jeans and a purple top. This is a great little Chie Mihara. It’s got a baby doll toe. It’s got a nice Mary Jane strap and a sling back. This is super neutral. It can be worn with jeans. It can be worn with dresses and suits, and all the way dressed up or all the way dressed down. Black and white is a staple. It’s always sophisticated, and it’s got a great richness to it. I love black and white. Let’s look at one more fun black and white shoe, and get you out there on the streets in your black and whites. Thanks. See you in a second.

All right, another great black and white look with great shoes. Let’s bring Rachel out here. We’ve got an easy t-shirt, great leather, jeans, and some great black and white checked cycling sneakers. These are cycling inspired sneakers. These are very fun shoes. These shoes will make you fast. You’ll be faster than all the other kids on the block. And you’ll look really darn cool while you’re doing it. So remember to get your black and whites for spring and summer 2014. They’re very hot and trending well. Sneakers, wedges, high heels, tons of great black and white shoes that are super neutral. They go with anything, and you’ll be fabulous and fashionable. Remember, if you’re going to kick ass, you need kick ass new shoes. Enjoy. Thanks. Rachel, good job.