Josephine of the Italian Trade Commission | Milan Trade Show | City Soles TV
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Hey guys welcome to City Soles TV. I”m your host, Scott Starbuck, and we’re here in Milan, Italy, Milano, Italia at a trade show for Italy. It’s all about footwear and fashion and clothing and furniture and food and wine, of course. Let’s go in and check out this amazing show that they’ve put together. It’s all about promoting Italy and the USA for business together and importing more Italian products. Fabulous wine, amazing shoes, gorgeous fashion, and just really bringing Italy to the United States. Come on, let’s check it out. Thanks. SS: So we’re here at the Italian Trade Commission’s Fair in Milano, and I’m here with Josephine. You are head of the footwear division, correct? Josephine: Correct. For many years, yes. SS:…

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C4 Belts | Indie Designer Review
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This is a Designer Interview with Robbie Hart of C4 Belts.

Hey guys, welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host, Scott Starbuck, and I’m here with Robbie Hart, head guru and founder of C4 Belts, and how long have you guys been around?
We’ve been around for about 3 years. Almost 3 years now.
Right on. I think we started carrying you in your inception.
Pretty much, yeah, you guys…

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Rachael Levine | Indie Designer Interviews | City Soles TV
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This is a indie designer interview video of Rachael Levine.
Hey guys! welcome to Citysolestv. I’m your host Scott Starbuck and were here today with one of our designers, Rachael Levine. She hand makes all this amazing stuff. Also, has this whole clothing line. So, lets talk about your stuff and get to know more about your designs. So we just got these the other day.
Scott: These are…

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Hi guys. My name is Eugenia Tibamanya and I am the founder of Ugie Sandals. I grew up in East Africa Uganda, to be specific, in the capital city of Kampala. If you’ve been to East Africa, it is hot and sunny year round. Wearing closed shoes is really inappropriate because it is just too hot. We grew up wearing sandals. Actually if you date it back, East African…

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Hillsboro Designer Interview
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Hey guys. Welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host Scott Starbuck. We’re here with Chris and Sabrina, the owners/founders/partners in life of Hillsboro shoes. This is a brand new line that we just got in and this is the only shoe store in the world that carries them right now. Tell me a little bit about your company and how we are going to grow it. What’s goin’…

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