Everybody l Brand Review l City Soles TV

Hey guys welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host, Scott Starbuck. This is a brand new line for spring and summer 2015. It’s called Everybody, by BZ Moda. They’re fabulous leather shoes, all contemporary. I love this elastic strap in the front with the open back heel. They’re very cool shoes.

There’s lots of just really interesting materials, real soft leathers. Real nice support and comfort on them. They’re just really contemporary and amazing footwear. As always, we bring you really fun and interesting stuff from City Soles and citysoles.com. This is a brand new line on the market in North America, and we thought we’d bring them in for you. Very cool, people. Show stopper ideas here. People will stop you and go “Those are fricken cool! Where’d you get them?”

They run true to size, and they’re full and half sizes. If you’re an American 7, you get a 37. If you’re an American 8.5, you get a 38.5. Enjoy your new Everybody’s.

L’Amour Des Pieds l Brand Review l City Soles TV

Hey guys welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host, Scott Starbuck, and this is L’Amour Des Peids. It is the “Love of shoes.” You will absolutely love this line. They were brought back to North America. They disappeared for a while back to Europe, and now they’re back in North America.

They have a patented technology on the insoles with the arch support and the comfort. They’re super buttery. I mean these high heeled wedges are something you can literally wear all day long. They are by far the most comfortable shoes in the store. You put them on, and you immediately feel the comfort and the support. It’s all day long comfort.

They’re all leather, leather lined. They’re like baby nubuck on the inside. They’re so buttery and soft. I think it might be pig skin. There’s arch supports. Like I said, there’s patented foot beds. Great, feminine fashion, from ballerinas to high wedges. This is a fabulous line of footwear. They run true to size. They’re full and half Euro sizes, but they run pretty true. So if you’re an American 6, you get a 36. If you’re a 7.5, you get a 37.5. If you’re a 9, you get a 39.

Great, fabulous line. You’re going to love them. They’re going to go with everything, and your feet are going to smile because they feel so good. Enjoy your new L’Amour Des Pieds.

La Ballerina l Brand Review l City Soles TV

Hey guys welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host, Scott Starbuck, and this is a new line for spring and summer ’15 called, La Ballerina, by Sonia Ricci. They are amazingly made. They’re made of crinkled patent leather, which is really supple and soft. You typically think of patent leather as hard and kinda crunchy or whatever. These are super buttery soft. They’ve got a great little sheen to them. They’ve got elastic around the top, so you can slide them on. They’ve got memory foam on the inside, so they’re really cushy and comfortable.

They’ve got rubber bottoms that are just really pliable. You can throw these things on barefooted. This is an everything shoe for spring and summer. You can wear them barefooted with a skirt, dresses, jeans, leggings, shorts. Ballerinas can do anything. They do it really well.

La Ballerina by Sonia Ricci, here at City Soles and citysoles.com. They run true to size. They’re full Euro sizes only, 36, 37, 38, 39. So if you’re an American 9, you get a 39. If you’re an American 6, you get a 36. Enjoy.

Festival Shoes l Style Guidance l City Soles TV

Hey guys welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host, Scott Starbuck, and it’s spring and summer time in Chicago. And it’s festival season. There’s all kinds of amazing festivals here: Lollapalooza, Spring Awakening, all kinds of stuff.

There’s a couple different levels of festivals. There’s street fairs, barbecue festivals, Ravinia Festival on the North Shore. It’s more sophisticated, not as crazy. You can wear some of your nice, sassy, little fashion items to maybe Ravinia or to your local block party things like that. But when it gets down and there’s some great sophisticated items. These little summer espadrilles are absolutely beautiful with gorgeous, soft, nappa suede. Rachel’s got them on here with a lightweight, summery sweater, great little shorts, and fabulous little shoes. They’re so yummy and comfortable and great for all day long chilling and drinking some wine in the afternoon and having a great time.

The next level of festival is going to Lollapalooza. What happens every year at Lollapalooza is it rains, and it’s a mud fest. You don’t want to bring you nice, sassy, cute, little shoes. You will end up throwing them away at the end of the festival. There are some canvas options, which I love. They’re really comfortable, supportive, and great. A pair of flip flops is probably the worst thing you can wear. They’re un supportive. They’re uncomfortable. It’s really gonna suck. But things like this are great because you can get them muddy, get them dirty, and you can throw them in the wash and have them cleaned. There’s some real simple things.

These are great little canvas slip on’s. They’re like thirty bucks a pair, so they’re disposable. You can take them, wash them again, and re-wear them. I think it’s a great option, but it’s a disposable price point, so you’re not concerned about it.

There’s also this great little Spanish line, Ria, handmade in Menorca, Spain. These are great leathers that won’t get destroyed easily. Rachel has them on. Again, great little outfit. You can show off your pedicure with a little bit of open toe. It’s great with the light tan. It’s just an easy summer, everything shoe.

So we’ve got great festival ideas and great festival shoes. I think it’s something you really want to think about before you’re like “Oh! What am I gonna wear today to Lollapalooza or to the Street Fair or Blues Fest or Jazz Fest or whatever.” They’re endless here in Chicago, as well as probably great, big cities all over America during the summer time.

Great little options. Remember you can get them here. There’s free shipping, free return shipping at citysoles.com and of course at our fabulous flagship store here in Wicker Park in Chicago. Enjoy.

Transitioning Boots to Summer l Style Guidance/How to l City Soles TV

Hey guys welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host, Scott Starbuck, and we’re talking about transitioning from spring to summer. Or maybe winter into spring, but one of my favorite things that can transition and go all year round is boots. I love boots. I wear boots all year round. You can wear them with sweaters and jeans, jackets in the winter. And then in the spring and summer, I wear them with jeans and a t-shirt. So you can wear boots all year round.

You can take your existing fall and winter boots, like this boot, and transition that to spring and summer skirts, shorts, leggings, little summery dresses. I love boots in the summer. And then we have actual summer boots. These are boots with laser cutouts. Let’s bring Rachel out. She has them on. It really looks nice with this great sweater. So it’s still a little warm in the transition because it’s a little chilly out. Awesome leather shorts and killer little western boots with the laser cutouts. I think it’s an amazing look. And you can do that transitioning from spring. In Chicago, it can be really cold. Or go right into summer, and lose that and wear a tank or a different top as it gets warmer out. Let’s look at another look here in a second.

Spring boots and low cut booties are really strong. Western is really strong. I see a lot of cowboys and Indians fringe out there, a lot of pointed cowboy and urban cowboy influenced, amazing, great things that I think look really cool transitioning. Let’s see another look here.

This is another boot that Rachel has on. It’s got a great little, easy, on and off zip. It’s black and done with a light cream, which is great. We’ve got a little bit of a tan. Nice sweater again with the leather shorts. You can really rock these out with summery dresses. They’re great, of course, with jeans and a t-shirt. I love legs and boots. They look great together. Bare legs and some really cool, western-y cowboy boots transitioning into summer from your spring wardrobe.

Great looks. Great ideas. Check them out here at City Soles and citysoles.com. And remember we always guarantee all of our stuff for compliments. So, wear these out in the world, and if you don’t get compliments on them, you can bring them back. Thanks.